Looking for a generator?

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If you, like so many others, have found yourself lying in bed or sitting at work praying for your electricity to come back on, Copeland Electric has solutions to help you plan now for the future.  Don’t find yourself in this situation again!  We have home and commercial generators of all sizes.  

Think about how great it would be to literally flip a switch rather than waiting for days not knowing when you would have power again. Copeland Electric has solutions ranging from generators that can run your ENTIRE home or ENTIRE business or... generators just big enough to run your refrigerator and small electronics.  

Our expert staff, with more than 50 years of electrical service experience, will help you find a solution that meets your home or business back up generator needs and budget. We offer convenient financing solutions and skilled onsite install. 

Request your free estimate for your house or business today! Plan NOW to power up TOMORROW with Copeland Electric!


In-house financing for 36 months at 6% interest with 5% down. Copeland can do 100% financing pending good credit. 



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